Serving a Grubby Establishment Makes Police Hired Thugs in Uniform

Will Black
4 min readMay 8
The British police have repeatedly refused to investigate ‘Prince’ Andrew and his links to an abuse ring, yet jumped at the chance to accost and arrest protestors

The police harassing, attacking and arresting critics of the monarchy highlights gaping holes in our democracy and justice system.

If some oddballs (who are deluded enough to believe they have special blood) and peddlers of faded fairy tales want to play dress-up — and include disgraced ‘Prince’ Andrew in the cosplay nonsense — other people have the right to do their thing too. Even if that thing is protest against the dated — to the point of rotten — notion of royalty.

The police will take any opportunity they get to accost, attack, arrest and generally pester anyone who doesn’t adhere to their old-fashioned authoritarian mindset — which is the basis of the thuggery, racism and misogyny ‘the force’ has a significant problem with. And the Tories (a greedy and authoritarian subculture masquerading as libertarian) benefit from giving them those opportunities — the way attack dogs are thrown raw meat.

From miners’ strikes (which police attempted to cull with violence) to the ‘battle’ of the beanfield (where police attacked traveller families heading to Stonehenge — and destroyed footage of the brutality), to the attempt to crush the poll tax protests (which brought down Thatcher) to attacking the vigil of Sarah Everard (who was raped and murdered by a misogynistic sex-offending thug of a police officer). Police brutality seems to rise when the Tories are in power, to a large degree, I suspect, because the Tories view police as their paid thugs = though it is us who pay for them! As the mindset of police seems to be right-wing authoritarian, maybe the Tories are onto something!

Sadly, I’m accustomed to police thuggery and their contempt for diversity, different lifestyles and protest. I have witnessed it many times and it has just reinforced perceptions I’ve had since I can remember. My parents were so amused by my toddler antics around policemen that they’d sometimes say one was coming, just to see my reaction. I didn’t know the word authoritarian when I was two but there is something deeply disturbing about grown adults who like dressing up in costumes to boss strangers around.

Will Black

Will is an anthropologist, journalist and former clinician. He is the author or Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End of the World