Peddlers of Trans Hatred Have Blood on Their Hands

Will Black
3 min readFeb 4, 2024
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Hundreds of trans people are murdered each year and yet many people continue to peddle hate about them. People who choose to spend their time creating a culture of intolerance and anger about trans people have blood on their hands.

I’ve been observing the rise of anti-trans bigotry for more than a decade. Back then the main culprits were the far-right. The website Breitbart, which white supremacist Steve Bannon used to manage, was frankly obsessed with trans people.

The main anti-trans trope back then, which the far-right flogged like a dead horse, was to do with women in public toilets. This has continued to be one of the main lines peddled. The gist of the narrative boils down to the claim that trans women aren’t real but merely men looking for opportunities to rape women.

Ironically — and hypocritically — the far-right propagandists peddling that line were and still are anti-feminists. Their concern with women has been suspiciously specific and aimed at smearing and dehumanising trans people, not promoting the wellbeing of women.

The anti-trans bigotry train has not deviated from its single track but has picked up a broader range of passengers over the years. From former comedians and failed actors who exploit fear and ignorance to try to stay in the public eye, to the odd fiction author.

Yet the hypocrisy remains. As does the use of the flawed, provocative narratives as a way of gaining or regaining prominence.

Trans-exclusive ‘radical’ ‘feminists’

People sometimes refer to anti-trans propagandists as 'radical feminists’. But as someone who was lucky enough to be taught by notable actual feminists, the use of the term seems like a withered fig leaf to (badly) mask old-fashioned and not very radical bigotry.

Brianna Ghey’s murder SHOULD be a wake-up call to those who peddle hatred of trans people. The young woman was one of hundreds of trans people murdered each year. And, inevitably, the focus has recently been on the teenage killers, who I’m not going to name. Murderers of that type are often narcissists who seek infamy — and elements of the media are giving them what they want.

Those who peddle trans-hatred on social media were extremely angry after the judge explained that hatred of trans people inspired the choice of Brianna as a victim.

Hate-peddlers did the only thing they do well, in relation to reports of the motive to target her. They abused people on Twitter / X. That just underlined the point that they are helping to create a culture of hatred and intolerance.

Coming to terms with reality

Many of the hateful narratives about trans people boil down to dehumanisation and simply not accepting that they are a valid category of human beings. Which helps explain why the far-right were among the first to start peddling the hatred.

But just as Jews and Romanies were (and are) real human beings, deserving of humanity, so are trans people! Whether you like it or not, they are a reality and you cannot eradicate them. Or encourage others to do so, with your hateful, cowardly narratives.

There is a parallel in how the far-right initially, and then others, reacted to black people migrating to Britain from the late 1940s. Hate speech and violent actions denied their humanity.

But more came and reasonable, empathetic and enlightened Brits accepted the reality and valued the greater diversity. Some never accepted reality and they have stewed in their own bile ever since.

Whether they like it or not, bigots need to accept that trans people are real, are here to stay and are deserving of our humanity and empathy. Those continuing to push anti-trans hatred, from the safety of their online bubbles, will have more blood on their hands.



Will Black

Will is an anthropologist, journalist and former clinician. He is the author or Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End of the World