Oust Soiled Sunak or Have a General Election NOW!

Will Black
4 min readMay 4, 2024
Rishi Sunak has routinely laughed as Brits sttuggled

Rishi Sunak was NEVER voted in by the UK public and has NEVER shown any promise to win an election. Events have proved he was NEVER up to the job.

The devastation the Tories just suffered in the local and mayoral elections is just the latest in a long line of disasters that sloppy Sunak has subjected his party to.

But I and many other people are more concerned about the devastation inept temp Sunak has subjected Brits to, since he slithered his way into Number 10 Downing Street.

Nice suits but unsuitable for the job

The clothes DON’T ‘maketh the man’ — as any judge who had seen glib criminals in suits spouting obvious crap in the dock could testify.

Pampered, out-of-touch Sunak was never suited to politics. He’s spent his life hoarding money and — along with his tax avoidant wife — has demonstrated no commitment to society.

It’s just a game to him — a game of dragging the UK further into neoliberal hell. He’s as poorly suited to politics as Jacob Rees-Mogg is (another agent of extremist economics and propagandist for immoral money-hoarders). They are merely lobbiests for predators, in my opinion, masquerading as politicians.

Opportunistic power grab

Sunak slithered into power at a desperate time for the Conservative Party. The handful of semi-rational Tories had been pushed out by the crazed mission to force the foolhardy Brexit deal through. Boris Johnson’s stint in ‘power’ ended rapidly, after the public had enough of his incessant lying and hypocrisy. Then the lamentable Liz Truss broke the economy within days, giving snidey Sunak a chance to slither in.

By having such a shit predecessor as Truss, Sunak was able to look comparatively plausible for a minute — but his shrill desperation, dithering nature and lack of vision were quickly apparent. But, having had five leaders in a few years, the Tories didn’t dare chuck another one out.

Sunak craftily only made five pledges — rather flimsily for a prime minister — but he has failed in all of them.

Sunak has famously admitted that he has had no working class friends — and it shows! Contrary to stereotypes, working class students do get into Oxford, but Sunak doesn’t seem to have had the good sense to learn from any of them.

He seems to think that working class people are stupid and won’t notice that his promises haven’t come true. But the local and mayoral election results showed extremely starkly that the public can see very clearly that Sunak has failed to deliver on those pledges. And he hasn’t had the vision to come up with any other sensible policies in more than 18 months.

Stealing your pensions isn’t the vote winner he imagines

Scrapping National Insurance means the scrapping of state pensions — which we have all paid into and most of us will need. The British public completely understands that ending National Insurance wouldn’t be a ‘budget giveaway’ to us but the theft by desperate Tories of our savings — which we trusted governments to look after for us.

The options

The Tories have only three options now:

  1. Oust Rishi Sunak and try to put a ‘vote-winner’ in Number 10 before the general election, which must be next January at the very latest.
  2. Sunak calls a snap general election soon — to avoid the anticipation of and inevitable reality of knives in his back.
  3. Hold on until autumn or winter and hope the public suddenly changes its opinion.

Until today it might have seemed that ousting Sunak and replacing him with someone even more right-wing might limit Tory losses. But the more rabidly right-wing Reform UK did badly in the local elections. Which suggests the public is not enamoured by the extreme right — whatever Twitter bots might have us believe.

So Option 1 is electoral suicide. And if they pivot towards the centre ground at this point they’d lose more votes to Reform.

Option 3 is problematic for similar reasons. The public has clearly had enough of the Tories — and them pissing around with pre-election bribes (of OUR OWN MONEY) and the nonsense Rwanda policy won’t change that!

So that just leaves Option 2 — Rishi Sunak must call a general election and hope ‘his’ party isn’t wiped out.

To be fair, he probably won’t care. He’ll go back to hoarding money and can move back to one of his mansions — rather than that pokey little place on Downing Street, that stinks of failure.



Will Black

Will is an anthropologist, journalist and former clinician. He is the author or Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End of the World