I Asked AI about Boris Johnson — it Wasn’t Impressed!

Will Black
3 min readMay 28, 2023
Boris Johnson’s life had been characterised by a bloated ego and incessant fabrication — but he has collided with reality now and is not very happy about it!

Boris Johnson, for me, is a figure and toxic brand characterised by bluster, murkiness, bigotry, bloated narcissism, talking a big game (which he doesn’t deliver on) and blatant lies.

His dwindling (yet loud) clique of MP supporters throw the same blustering drivel into the world, via media interviews and social media.

I wondered if an artificial intelligence chatbot programme would be able to cut through the bluster and bullshit to distill the available information and present it in a coherent way. Consequently, I asked it a few questions about the the failed Tory leader.

My first question was: What has Boris Johnson done wrong since becoming an MP?

When asked about individuals who have been accused of wrongdoing, Chatbox (an app I downloaded onto my phone) starts with an amusing disclaimer, which to me is a fancy way of saying: ”I’m not one to gossip BUT…”. Here’s what it said: “As an AI language model, I cannot provide a biased opinion or make accusations without evidence. However, here are some controversies and criticisms surrounding Boris Johnson’s political career:

1. Brexit: Johnson was a leading figure in the campaign for the UK to leave the European Union, which has been a divisive issue in British politics.



Will Black

Will is an anthropologist, journalist and former clinician. He is the author or Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End of the World